Proper Care and Feeding

Welcome to my new website and blog!


Hello! I am so happy to have this space to share with you my thoughts and things I learn about the proper care and feeding of our selves, each other and the planet. I welcome you to this conversation and encourage you to leave comments with your ideas and experiences.

Proper Care and Feeding is about the ‘how’ of being a human. We hear things all the time about taking care of ourselves, having good self-esteem or having healthy relationships. But what do these things actually mean? How do we take care of ourselves? What is good self-esteem and how do we get it? What’s “healthy” anyway and how are we to be in relationships to ourselves and others?

About ten years ago I was going through a rough time. I often talked with a certain friend about it and she would rarely comment on the details of my situation. Instead, she would listen to me for a while and then in a gentle voice she would ask “How are you going to be sweet to yourself today?” At first I thought she was missing the point – didn’t she hear what I had been telling her? But after a while I started to understand the wisdom in what she was saying. It was not the specifics of what I was going through that mattered. It was how I was going to be with myself about it. I did not need to go over every detail and be tugged by each new development. I needed to focus on the proper care and feeding of myself.

How are you going to be sweet to yourself today?

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